Jakub Czerwiński

Jakub Czerwiński

Jakub Czerwiński

Born in Warsaw in the 80’. Graduate of Cinematography Deapartment of Lodz Film School. He is the author of commercials, music videos, short films, as well as TV series and feature films. He worked as camera operator on films, such as: "Letters to Santa 3, 2" (dir. Tomasz Konecki), "Breaking the Limits" (dir. Lukasz Palkowski) and "Warsaw'44" (dir. Jan Komasa).
As cinematographer Kuba has been spotted in PLUS Camerimage Festival receiving Silver Tadpole in short features category for the film "Through the Glass" (dir. Igor Chojna). The same project was honoured at Young Cinema Competition for "capturing subtle magic of reality in Polish province" at Gdynia Film Festival.
His collaboration with Mateusz Rakowicz on "Romantic" short feature was highly acclaimed in several Film Festivals and got nomination to Jan Machulski Polish Independent Cinema  Award for the best cinematography.
In the past few years he has been busy working on TV series as "Brzydula", "Komisarz Mama", "O mnie się nie martw" and "Chyłka".

Currently working on the Netflix production "Dark Stories" (dir. Grzegorz Jaroszuk & Jakub Piątek).






Agent: Aleksandra Sikora

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Aleksandra Sikora
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