POINT of YOU represents a wide range of filmmakers, from promising young artists full of passion and energy to directors and DOPs specializing in making TV series, feature films and commercials, to highly acclaimed professionals, whose portfolios are full of masterpieces.

We also provide services of composers, set designers, costume designers as well as make-up artists, special effects teams, directors’ assistants, set managers and food stylists.

In 1998 Aleksandra Sikora founded the company as the first Polish agency offering the best homegrown talent. In 2012 Aleksandra was joined by Agnieszka Wieczorkowska as a partner after cooperating with the Agency for nearly 12 years. Both Aleksandra and Agnieszka used to work as production managers, gaining their first-hand experience in filmmaking business. They are both graduates of the University of Silesia, where they majored in Film and Television Production (WRiTV). Furthermore, Aleksandra Sikora graduated from the University of Warsaw, where she did her postgraduate course in Intellectual Property at The Faculty of Law and Administration. 

Since the very beginning the agency has been involved in setting high standards of cooperation between film talent and advertising agencies and film producers. The agency is proud to have developed guidelines for professional conduct and best practices in feature film and advertising market. POY is continually striving to come up with new solutions in response to changing market demands. 

Our goal is to ensure the best working conditions for our artists in order to unleash they full potential, but at the same time to provide producers and advertising agencies with efficient, reliable and competitive services.  

  • Aleksandra Sikora

    Aleksandra Sikora

    Founder | Co-Owner | Agent
  • Agnieszka Wieczorkowska

    Agnieszka Wieczorkowska

    Co-Owner | Agent
  • Milada Broel Plater

    Milada Broel Plater

    Talent Manager
  • Maria Zarzycka

    Maria Zarzycka

    Talent Manager
  • Ewelina Śmieszek

    Ewelina Śmieszek

    Talent Manger | International Coordinator
  • Mouna Benabdellah

    Mouna Benabdellah

    Researcher | Project Support
  • Natalia Kalinowska

    Natalia Kalinowska

    Office Manager
  • Marta Teresa Jakimowicz

    Marta Teresa Jakimowicz

    Talent Manager