Aleksandra Muszyńska

Aleksandra Muszyńska

Aleksandra Muszyńska

Aleksandra studied Film Set Design in Fine Art Academy in Warsaw.

She pays great attention to the preparation of the projects in every detail . In creation process she loves to work with director and cinematographer to create something unique.

Recently she has worked on many international commercial productions, cooperating with such directors as: Jack Cole, Yvan Fabbing, Daniel Kaufman, Clan Duo and Martin Kalina. She gained her experience working on sets of commercial as a II set designer collaborating with  production designers such as: Ben Ansell, Renaud Deschamp or Pepijn van Looy.

She created set design for the brands: Chandon, Lech, Bayer, Żywiec, Darty, Virgin Mobile, McDonald’s, Maspex to name a few.

She works both on commercial and artistic projects, has popular music videos in her portfolio – ‘The Fib’ by Rysy band (set design and costumes), ‘Feed Fire’ by Eskmo (set design and costumes), Ultraviolet Urbanski feat. Justyna Swiec (set design), .

In 2019 during Polish Film Festival in Gdynia short movie has its premiere „ Home sweet home” directed by Agata Puszcz where Ola was respons for set design.




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Maria Zarzycka
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