The Portal

The Portal

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The Portal is a coming of age film series designed for Instagram. Embark on a journey of discovery with Anna, who befriends an AI teen, discovers the threat posed by Deep Fake, and explores the role of technology in the future of our planet. The Portal is her Instagram diary.

Directors - The Kissinger Twins
Story - The Kissinger Twins
Script - The Kissinger Twins, Iwo Bąkowski & Raphealle Red
Photography - Katarzyna Kifert
Video - Maksym Ziemba
Art Direction - Agata Marcinkowska
Music - Ollie Taylor
Motion & Graphic Design - Agata Marcinkowska
Dron - Mieszko Saktura
Editing - Maksym Ziemba
Sound Design - Maksym Ziemba
Music- Ollie Taylor
Make Up - Magdalena Atkins
Stylist - Hartwig Fashion
Production - Jan Świerkowski, Brewster Hub & Kissinger Twins Studio
Live Action Production - Magdalena Opacka

Anna - Wiki Kierat
Mother - Paulina Andrzejewska

Voice-over - Raphealle Red