Jan Belina Brzozowski

Jan Belina Brzozowski

Jan Belina Brzozowski

Jan Belina-Brzozowski graduated from the internationally recognized Polish National Film School in Lodz where he finished his masters with distinction in the art of cinematography. He has since built up a diverse portfolio ranging from music videos, fiction to commercial work. Jan has shot for such brands asAdidas, Samsung, Pepsi and BMW.

Inspired by new environments, a fervent traveler, he lensed beauty, sadness and joy in various cultures. His experiences have rendered him technically proficient with all cameras, whether it's film or digital. He is known for his calm demeanour in stressful circumstances, his unrelenting stamina and warm smile.







Agent: Maria Zarzycka

M: +48 508 833 254 | maria@pointofyou.com.pl


Maria Zarzycka
+48 508 833 254