Jakub Stolecki

Jakub Stolecki

Jakub Stolecki

One of the most promising cinematographers currently in Poland. Graduated from Cinematography Department at National Polish Film School in Lodz. His showreel is aproof of his versatile skills - feature films, tv series, music videos and commercials. His first documentary “Object” achieved international recognition at Sundance Film Festival, Art Film Festival, Camden International Film Festival and Fisheye Film Festival, to name a few. Commercials shot by Kuba have been appreciated, among others by the Papaya Young Directors competition (award for best cinematography in 2018).
Kuba gained experience as camera operator for well-known Polish feature film productions of recent years – „Bird Talk” directed by Xawery Żuławski, “1983” directed by Agnieszka Holland and “Pitbull. Ostatni Pies” by Władysław Pasikowski, to name a few. For the past few years he has been successfully shooting TV series on his own, most recently „Nieobecni 2" (2022), „Wojenne dziewczyny” (2021), „Archiwista” (2020). He made his debut as a feature film cinematographer in 2019 on the set of "Advocate", directed by Piotr P. Gołębiowski. Then he worked on the thriller comedy „Raz, jeszcze raz” (directed by Paweł Czarzasty, Krzysztof Zbieranek) and the feature war film "Cudak", directed by Anna Kazejak. In May 2022 Polish cinemas released the comedy-drama "Fucking Bornholm" (directed by Anna Kazejak) with cinematography by Kuba, about the problems of today's 40-year-olds (produced by FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS STUDIO).
Kuba is involved in many social and humanitarian campaigns - for years he has supported the Polish Humanitarian Action, DKMS and Onkological Hospices. He’s got arare ability to create intimate worlds that are full of honesty in his characters. Kuba’s work has a strong photographic visual style and this in turn gives a striking emotional intensity. His passion is for natural imagery, he is able to work with everyday images and give them richness and character far beyond themselves.






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