Dominika Podczaska

Dominika Podczaska

Dominika Podczaska


Dominika Podczaska has been working behind the camera for 10 years. She graduated from the Global Cinematography Institute in Los Angeles. In addition, she graduated from American Studies and Laboratory of Reportage at the University of Warsaw, where under the tutelage of Polish documentary filmmaker Maciej Drygas and others she was educating in the documentary craft.

She began her film career with documentary filmmaking which she still creates, mainly in the USA. In addition to documents, Dominika also creates advertising films and music videos. She worked, among others, with Voo Voo, Zakopower, Reni Jusis, Julia Marcel, Daria Zawiałow, Coma, which resulted in several nominations for the Yach and Fryderyk awards.

As an advertising director she worked for such clients as: Samsung, T-Mobile, Gino Rossi, Renault, Amundsen Vodka, Nokia, Taranko (one of the spots for Taranko was nominated in the main competition at the La Jolla International Fashion Movies Festival and the Chicago Fashion Movie Festival)

She loves good music that’s why she really cares about sound design in her films. She is also passionate about editing, which helps her with directing and cinematography. You can admire the effects in her works!

In 2019 she became a Director of Photography of two short movies "For I am Dead Now" shot in Belgium and "U Pisci A Mari" shot on Kodak 35mm in Sicily (both in postproduction). Trying to focus on her feature film career she is developing a script of her first feature film supported by polish script program Atelier Scenariuszowe.




Agent: Ewelina Śmieszek

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Ewelina Śmieszek
+48 509 055 942